Father Christopher was Elevated to Archpriest!

Father Christopher is Elevated to Archpriest

On the feast of Saint Innocent of Alaska, Father Christopher was elevated to the rank of Archpriest for his faithful years of service. Father Christopher, along with lay delegate Kristen Gates, were participating in the 44th Diocesan Assembly at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Miami Lakes, FL.

Archbishop Alexander elevated Father Christopher during the Pontifical Divine Liturgy with the prayer,

O Master, Lord, Jesus Christ our God, who hast graciously bestowed upon our race the Priesthood and hast endued us with the grace of this gift and honor, and hast appointed us devout and able to order the members of the Priesthood and the other servitors of thy mysteries in lesser degrees: Do thou thyself now endue also with thy grace our brother and my son, the Priest Christopher, and adorn him with Thine integrity, that he may stand at the head of the Priests of thy people, being a good example to those who are under him. Grant him to attain in goodness unto old age with devotion and propriety, and have mercy upon us all in that thou art good. For thou art the Bestower of wisdom and creation hymneth thee unto ages of ages. Amen.

May the Lord bless the newly elevated Archpriest Christopher and grant him many years!