Teaching Liturgy on Soul Saturday 2018


Father Christopher celebrated a “Teaching Liturgy” on the Memorial Saturday during Lent, in which he paused at several points during the Divine Liturgy to explain the meaning and significance of the holy words, and the actions of the Priest. He also moved the Proskomedia out into the nave and invited parishioners to witness it as he also taught about the meaning of the different parts of the Proskomedia, bringing special attention to the commemorations of the living and those reposed in the Lord. (For an outline of his talk, see below the photographs.)


We have some photographs of the Proskomedia before the Divine Liturgy. And many thanks to Nikki for sharing her video!

Father Christopher's Outline of the Teaching Divine Liturgy

I. The Proskemedia

A. Entrance prayers

B. Vesting

C. Elements

1. Leavened bread, wine, water
2. Prosphora - “offering”
3. The Paten - a symbol for the whole cosmos - Christ, the lamb is in the center surrounded by the whole world
4. Commemorations

II. The Liturgy of the Catechumens (Liturgy of the Word) - Kairon - “It is time for the Lord to act, bless, master”

A. “Blessed is the Kingdom...”

B. Great Litany

C. The Antiphons

D. The Little Entrance - with Hymns for the Day and Trisagion

1. The Entrance with the Gospel Book
2. Hymns for the day - Troparia and Kontakia.
3. Trisagion - Thrice Holy - HOLY HOLY HOLY - Isaiah 6 - the Divine Vision

E. Epistle Reading

1. Prokeimenon - “That which comes before.”
2. Liturgical Reading - text is primary

F. Gospel Reading

G. Homily

1. It is the prophetic Word proclaimed, that will later be consecrated and partaken of.

H. Petitions and Supplications

1. Litany of Fervant Supplication - Augmented Litany
2. Litany of the Catechumens
3. 2 Litanies of the Faithful
4. Censing and prayer

III. The Liturgy of the Faithful (Eucharist)

A. “He took” - lambano - to receive something.

1. Great Entrance - bring offering.
2. Litany of Supplication- with the prayer of access.
3. Kiss of Peace - “Peace be unto all.” Peace of Christ.
4. The Creed - “The Doors, the doors...” - doorkeeper kept watch for the non-initiated.

B. “He gave thanks” - The is the central core of the Eucharist - the Great Thanksgiving. One long dialog.

1. “Let us stand aright!” - let us pay attention - this is very important!
2. Anaphora - “lifting up” - oblation - offering.
3. Invocation for the descent of the Holy Spirit - epiclesis.

C. “He broke” - fraction - begins with asking litany and communion prayer.

1. The Lord's Prayer.
2. The Holy Things for the Holy - Only one is holy, Lord ]esus Christ.
3. Fraction of the bread.

D. “He gave” - Communion - begns with pre-communion prayers - “I believe O Lord and I confess...”.

1. “With the fear of God... draw near”.
a) “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord...” ps. 117:26.
b) Now God comes to us in Christ without the veill Awesome!
c) How to receive - arms crossed - receive not take.
d) Resurrection hymns.
e) Particles into the chalice - “wash away, O Lord the sins...”.
2. “We have seen the true Light . . .” - O Lord save Thy people...
3. Prayers of Thanksgiving.
4. Prayer before the Ambo.
5. Dismissal - Liturgy after the liturgy - consume.