Pascha Videos

The Procession, Excerpts from Matins, and Holy Communion on Pascha.

The services of Pascha begin with the Midnight Office, which ends at midnight in complete darkness. Then, in the altar area, the Light of Pascha begins to shine, the priest singing, "Thy Resurrection, O Christ our Savior, the angels in heaven sing..." The people join in singing, lighting their candles from those he carries with the Paschal light, and process three times around the church, singing in awe of Christ's Resurrection. Paschal Matins continues in the church with joyous shouts, "Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!" in many languages, remembering in love and fellowship the Faithful all around the world. Then the Divine Liturgy is celebrated, with Holy Communion on this Feast of Feasts. After the service we break the Lenten Fast in a festive meal, and by the time most of us go home, the morning birds are already singing, anticipating the sunrise on the great and holy day of Pascha!

Many thanks to David and Nicholas for the two videos below!

Paschal Procession

Divine Liturgy