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Holy Week Schedule 2020

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On each day of Holy Week, the Members' Start Page will list the services that we normally serve on that day, as well as resources that have been made available for us all to serve what services we can at home.

Below is the schedule of services that, with the blessing of our Archbishop, a minimum group will be allowed to serve and stream for all of us via the Holy Cross FaceBook page. (You do not need to be a member of FaceBook to see these.)

Saturday, April 11 - Lazarus Saturday

Sunday, April 12 - Palm Sunday

  • Divine Liturgy - 10:00am

Tuesday, April 14 - Holy Tuesday

  • Bridegroom Matins - 6:30pm

Thursday, April 16 - Holy Thursday

  • Holy Thursday Vesperal Liturgy - 6:30pm

Friday, April 17 - Holy Friday

Saturday, April 18 - Holy Saturday

  • Vesperal Liturgy - 10:00am

Sunday, April 19 - HOLY PASCHA

  • Paschal Hours and Paschal Divine Liturgy - 10:00am
    (Text with Music is available for the Paschal Hours).
  • Agape Vespers - 3:00PM - Streamed from Deacon Daniel and Matushka Nikki's home
    Text with Music prepared by Deacon Daniel is available!